Hate to Bust the Bubble

I hear a lot of people talking about Global Warming again & trying to blame it for these hurricanes. It's sad how little adults with diplomas & degrees understand gravity & what happens when the Sun & Moon are on the same side of...

The Perfect Last Post for USAPolitics

August 29, 2017   We are scholars and teachers at Princeton, Harvard, and Yale who have some thoughts to share and advice to offer students who are headed off to colleges around the country. Our advice can be distilled to three words: ...


You will not be anonymous at Thinkr.xyz Your IP is attached to your comments. This can pinpoint your home, down to the street address & the physical location of your router. With your IP address any one can look up your IP & get your...

Munky Out

http://thinkr.xyz/the-munky-has-landed/ This is my 1st post to our new home.

I Hope The Locals Are Preparing For Hurricane Harvey

I hope the local merchants that own liquor stores,gun shops,jewelry and expensive athletic shoes loaded up their merchandise and evacuated.If not, there shit is history.The looters will move in like locusts and clean their stores out.