Russian email hackers!

Well, if it was the Russians who were hacking the democrats email server then maybe they can also help us find the deleted emails from Hillary's private email server since the FBI can't (or don't want to) find those... :) LOL!!!

Mrs Hillaryschev

Tear down that wall.Let those Sanders people in.What do you think this is ?The Mexican border?

The Children Card!!!

These liberal women, being led  by Michelle, are playing the children card to the American people! But come on, do you real women out there want your kids, especially your boys, to grow up in a pussified America full of lies and deceit that can't even...

Addicts and Deviants!

Are the witch's main supporters addicts and deviants?   Based on the early group of speakers it certainly seems that way!!!

Odd thing about polls

Maybe if Trump insults more people and makes more empty promises with no plans, he'll get more than half the Republican voters. . He might even get near the amount that McCain and Palin did when they lost. ==== "If third party candidates...

FBI investigating suspected Russian hack of DNC emails

(CNN) The FBI on Monday confirmed they are investigating a hack into the Democratic National Committee, the first acknowledgment from the agency that they are probing the incident, which US officials suspect came from a Russian cyber attack.    

Trump is Really, Really Stupid.

How stupid, you say?   I'm glad you asked!     The man wouldn't last a day on Thoughts or any other forum. You folks - yes, even you - would rip that idiot apart.     He'd fail WirelessNeverGuru1's test - 20 minutes, tops.  ...

Lunch Room Politics

I'm gonna jump in the fresh wet cowpie with both feet drop & roll around in it here but, with the racial politics being fought on the streets 6 minutes from open warfare it seems to be pertinent. I'm not the type to "blame the victim" but, the...