Why Isn't Animal Abuse Legal?

Not that I'd want to hurt an animal, but it really makes no sense. If you breed and coop an animal up in an abusive, poop-drenched enviornment with the intent of killing it and selling the corpse for eating, it's completely ethical. But yelling at a...

The Jefferson Hour

This is one of my favorite radio programs...  <a href="http://jeffersonhour.bandcamp.com/album/2017" data-mce-href="http://jeffersonhour.bandcamp.com/album/2017">2017 by The Thomas Jefferson Hour</a> Today they played episode #1221...

System Collapse

The best thing for Trump to do right now is to completely reorganize Government since it is impossible to negotiate with the left.

CO2 not a Pollutant

Finally someone from the USA Government speaks the truth. :)   EPA chief unconvinced on CO2 link to global warming

Obama's Dark Legacy

- First US President born outside the USA;   - First Muslim-In-Chief  US President;   - First Half white/Half Black President who was also the first Spy-In-Chief;   - and now, first former president in U.S. history to structure and...