A new study reveals that up to 5.7 million illegal immigrants were likely to have voted in the 2008 election, meaning Donald Trump was almost certainly right when he said this was the reason for him losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in the...

Collision or Ramming?

The Fitzgerald was struck amidship by a cargo ship under the Phillippines flag. This is the 3rd accident in the past 5 months to involve our Navy in waters between Japan & North Korea. I don't know why flags aren't at 1/2 mast for the crewmen...

Mueller et al!

The lousy PC mass media (MSM) is calling Mueller's people "the all-star team who may take down Trump"! WTF!!!

Lets Impeach Trump

He's innocent.He hasn't done anything illegal but lets impeach him just to be safe.Boy the Liberal losers are something.Trumps going to be President for 7 more years so get used to kissing his ass.

Puerto Rico Votes For Statehood

Puerto Rico wants to become a state.Who says we have to let the fuckers in?The only way Puerto Rico should become a state is if North Korea nukes Hawaii.Then we wouldn't have to change the flag,har har hardy har har.

Why Trump Should Keep Obamacare

Obamacare is a disaster.The Democrats wrote it endorsed it and own it.Let the voters have what they want.Trump in no way is responsible for it.If it fails so what.Didn't most people keep their plans and see their premiums go down?Thats what Obama...