Demonic Threads

The Brn2bfree threads here have become nothing more than a cesspool for demons and child predators and as such worthless.

Deep State War

We are in a open War now. A War that will decide whether the American People can remain free and able to help determine the destiny of our Nation or the Deep State survives to take our Nation in directions that require no votes, no democracy and no...

Dilbert Disses Global Warming; Liberal Heads Explode

Scott Adams has gone full-on climate denialist in his latest Dilbert strip, causing liberal heads to explode. :) LOL!!!

Special Prosecutor?

Chuck Plays Chicken: Would Block New FBI Director Until Special Prosecutor Named   The demonrats bastards and their lousy PC mass media (MSM) cohorts continue to push for a "special prosecutor"! But for what crime!? The ONLY crime that I see...

Taxation & the Speed of Light

I am a Libertarian, a Libertarian Centrist to be more precise. I believe the only time I should give up any fraction of an individual freedom is to benefit the widest segment of the middle that I can. That's what I owe to my society: neighbors &...

American Democrats Meddle in French Election

Obama's endorsement of Macron, is about the same as what we've accused Russia of through their "use" of RT. If affinity endorsements across national borders is taboo then, "Mr. Obama, Shame on YOU!"

They do some weird stuff up in Canada

Canada Revokes 'Star Trek' Vanity Plate for Being 'Offensive' ' They do some weird stuff up in Canada. I'm not talking about a love for hockey that a guy from the Deep South will never understand. No, I'm referring to which battles they choose...