Trump Is The Most Powerful Man On The Planet.

This is your time Trump.All you have to do is reach out and grab the power.You are the leader of the free world and deserve to worshipped.By the end of your Presidency you will be more popular than Jesus. 

If We Go To War

If Trump is forced to make us go to war with either Iran or North Korea I think Obama,Hillary and Valerie Jarret should be tried as war criminals,found guilty and hung by the neck til death.They are the same as Hitler,Himmler and Eichman.

The Faces of ANTIFA

Here are some of the faces of ANTIFA from Portand. (see below since image links are no longer working on the OP)

If Hawaii Gets Nuked

If Hawaii gets nuked should we make Puerto Rico a state?We would need to replace all those Liberals and losers that got incinerated.

Conservative Posters @USA Politics

It is fascinating to see that the conservative posters (brn, dildo, etc) here @USA Politics still act like the liberals are in control and we are now 100+ days into the Trump administration... :)

Government Shutdown

So the liberals were pushing for a Government shut down and then to blame it on Trump while the lousy PC mass media was at the same time promting that a shut down is a bad thing! 

If North Korea Nukes California

If North Korea nukes California what will become of the Giants and Dodgers?Will they forfeit the season?Will they make up those games on the road?MLB better be making plans.

Democrats Present Strategy

Annoy as many people as possible and disrupt Trump as much as possible to prevent him from delivering on his campaign promises while hoping that the American people blame Trump and not the democrats... :)