Are We A Divided Nation?

I say no.The Democrats were wrong the last 8 years now its the Republicans turn to be wrong for the next 8 years.

Unity and Integration

Based on what I read here and elsewhere I see no room for unity and integration within the United States right now. The borders need to be secured and the globalists need to be annihilated first.


Europe can't afford to pay for it's own defense because of it's entitlement obligations. Europe relies on our defense spending for their security. We are supposed to move towards a more European style entitlement system. Who will protect...

Why Isn't Animal Abuse Legal?

Not that I'd want to hurt an animal, but it really makes no sense. If you breed and coop an animal up in an abusive, poop-drenched enviornment with the intent of killing it and selling the corpse for eating, it's completely ethical. But yelling at a...

The Jefferson Hour

This is one of my favorite radio programs...  <a href="" data-mce-href="">2017 by The Thomas Jefferson Hour</a> Today they played episode #1221...

System Collapse

The best thing for Trump to do right now is to completely reorganize Government since it is impossible to negotiate with the left.