Women need assault weapons

Gayle Trotter, a tax attorney, testified in defense of women who need assault weapons to help them become more equal to men when they have to defend their children from five criminals who break into the home. An assault weapon with a large magazine at...

God Bless Texas:Job Well Done Governor Perry

Texas to execute first woman in US since 2010 Texas Department of Criminal Justice via Reuters Kimberly McCarthy is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Tuesday for the stabbing murder of her neighbor in 1997. ...

Beyond stupid

Would not a fetus or a genetic sample of a fetus be evidence of paternity in a rape case? Does a woman have to carry to term to prove that she was raped? What has to be done to prevent retardation and super-snarky cleverness among legislators? . ...

North Korea Has Nuclear Arms?

Yea right,only a conservative fool would believe that.They may have Kim Jong,but we have Ding Dong.We aint beleiving that silly WMD stuff again.

I'm Telling You Now

Doesn't hillary look like Freddy Garrity the lead singer from Freddy and the Dreamers from the 1960's?

Beyonce :You Don't Say

Pretty bad when you lip sync the national anthem,but,it follows the trend.Fake birth certificate,Michelles fake wig.It doesn't suprise me none.

Prepared to lead a nation

"Which brings me to the last level — the moral level. Like Lincoln, Jefferson and Madison were also brilliant. But Jefferson and Madison lived and died as slaveholders and did much less than they could have done to put slavery on a path of ultimate...