Are Children Vaccines Are Safe?

Is Todays Children Vaccines Are Safe? Do They Kill? Do They Cause C P? Do They Cause Autisms? If You Wanna Know What I Thiink Click My Blogs Type In Search Sarah Moyer This Will Let You Know What I Think

so lets

put together a listing of individuals whos assetts need to be redistributed for the common good of mankind. warren buffett, and bill gates. just limit yerselves to two stones to throw. please.

IF you were about

to vote for McCain, would him having Cheney as vp make you want to make sure you did vote for John?

IF you were

undecided, and thinking about not voting for a liberal, would you vote for McCain, IF he chose Cheney as his vp?


Yooo........I was thinking about debating this pretty soon. I would love to hear everyones thoughts for it or against. I personally would like to see it done away with.....but let me know what you think and why. :D

Liberal Economy sink.

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