todays news claims

mccain said most americans were willing to not. this is bullshit. been doing that for far too long. WHY do we need to sacrafice? cause of ineptness in congress and the whitehouse. they need to shit, or get off the pot finaly.

Poor, Stupid , Better,

Poor Stupid ,Better White People,Sure what else could Barack Obama possibly mean by this ? Remember,He did not say this while he was in Pa., He waited till he got in N.C. It is your vote that is going to count.

Rush comments on black president

Hi, to the community. I think that it was good of Rush Limbaugh to express his views on a Black President and to prove that he is not a racist has promoted Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice as strong candidates for presidential status. I think that it...

Prisoners re-enter society

Hi everyone, I think that every person has his right to live in a society no matter even if he was a prisoner in his early life. Most of the prisoners are racial or ethnic minorities and have difficulty in re-entering the society as they are faced with...

Democracy or.....?

I've read a few posts/ threads where it seems some people aren't completely sure whether the USA is, or should be, a Democracy or not. Some have said that the country was never set up as a Democracy but is a Republic, so....... 1. What do you think the...