It's time to invade Syria

US hawk politicians paid by the petroleum lobby can't continue to allow Syria to control its nationalized (socialist) petroleum industry. By invading Syria, the US can get a better cut of the pie when it has a controlled government, instead of Europe....

Hollywood Actors And Gulfman

I see why the Hollywood actors all cling to world dictators.I feel the same way about Muslim Clerics.They hate Liberals as much as I do

Who Do Right-Wing-Nuts Work For?

They defend international corporate dictators that want to destroy government social insurance programs in order to control labor at lower rates everywhere. . "Murdoch apparently, in word and deed, wants to use 'his' influence to control...

Poor Kermit The Abortion Doctor

He had no choice but to cut the babys spine,it was swimming in the toilet,I guess we know now  how the prison warden feels when an execution goes bad.

Republicans abandon their principles

The Senate and House passed a bill to move funding within the FAA to return air traffic controllers to their duties. . This is proof that Republicans have given up their main principle: to prevent passing any sensible legislation. It's the...

We Will Never See Cheap Oil Again

"Despite producing more oil than we have in decades, prices at the pump aren't budging. The culprit? We've been increasing the amount of our gasoline that is being exported. While this is great for the profit margins of refiners, it's not so wonderful...

An Education Doesn't Matter

Limbaugh salary...40 million Hannity salary.....20 million Beck salary.........75 million Maddog salary......4 million Maddogs done well.Most college grads are delivering pizzas

Bomber Kid To Be Charged

Laughed my ass off when I heard he was being charged with using weapons of mass destruction.A pot from Bath-Bed and Beyond and nails from Home Depot.And then the Liberals said  Saddam Hussein,a brutal dictator from a rouge nation never had such...

Terrorist Attack On Obama's Watch

That 10 million dollars Obama spent of our tax money going to Hawaii for Christmas would have went a long way paying for extra security in Boston last week.Just saying.

Barry Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Its great to see Barry cry like a little girl because his gun background bill failed in the Senate.Of course they lied.They have an election coming up.They lied just like you did Barry about affordable health care.