The Lousy PC mass media

To the fools here: Look, the lousy PC mass media, aka, MSM or Corporate Media, is on the side of the Deep State and the ruling elites and as such they are NOT on the side of the people and/or the truth.   CAN YOU GRASP THAT ?

Memorial Day

Memorial Day to me makes me honor those who served and died to protect our way of life.What angers me is that Teddy Fucking Kennedy is buried in Arlington National Cemetary.That fat ass Liberal murdering son of a bitch lying next to real American...

Trump back in the Swamp

He needs to chase down those treasonous leakers and fire them ASAP!   President Pushing Big White House Changes... Developing...

I Know This Game

It used to be called Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon. That it wasn't called Seven Degrees of Samuel Jackson is probably racist, since Jackson may be the only person in Hollywood that has  been in more things than Bacon. This IS the game I see the...

DC Sniper

SO Malvo who was 17 when he & his buddy drove cross country & killed 10 random people in the D.C. & CentralVirginia area, including one in my home town... must be resentenced because the Supreme Court has declared a life sentence...

A Home Run

Trump hit a home run with his 1st Foreign Trip, so no wonder the lousy PC mass media (MSM) is now also attacking his son in law... :)

Jared Kushner ??? What the heck is going on.

Well this is about as treasonous a behavior as I have ever heard.  Shocked does not even begin my reaction.  Back door to Russia..really !  If it's legal you can walk in the front door.  WHY, WHY !! MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, GREED, GREED, GREED. ...

Who Knew

... all you had to do to clinch an election is "body slam" an obnoxious reporter who refuses to allow you to pass without physical contact. Once upon a time Sean Penn could have been President.

Logical Disconnect

So they're having a party, to celebrate Puerto Rican Day in NYC.   They've chosen to honor a man who's claim to fame is participating in the murder of 5 people & the setting of more than 70 bombs ALL in the name of Puerto Rican independence....

Trump goes to NATO

..and tells them straight to their faces that they all need to start paying their fair share... :)