We all know, or interpret, our 1st Amendment Rights, we exercise them with regularity, we're all well aware of our 2nd Amendment Rights. The majority of us even know about the 5th from personal experience or from some favorite TV show. Many are even...

Mainstream Media

Spending my Saturday morning reading the likes of Brn and Gulfman and Munkyman, and I keep reading the same theme of bashing "mainstream media." I'm going to make a big comment here. "Mainstream" means the common current thought. And so, in this...

Netanyahu To talk With President Romney Today

 HwRomney will tell him he will have more flexibility in January      President Obama refused to meet with Netanyahu on his trip to the United States, and the Israeli government presumably thought a meeting with the opposition candidate in...

Campell Soup Closing In California

The cost of doing business is too high in the liberal state of California.Those jobs will be moved to more conservative business friendy states of Ohio,Texas,and North Carolina.That news is mm good,mm good for those states.

Its Time For Obama To Step Down.....Now

This lying crook makes Nixon look like a cub scout.Its time he used what little bit of decency he has left and resigned.First "Fast and Furious" and now LibyaGate.The fool can't be trusted.The crimes Obama has committed have cost the lives of several...

At least Bush Knew What An Act Of Terror Was

Could you imagine the uproar had Bush said that they crashed those planes because they didn't like the in flight movie?That imbecile Obama knew everything and still denies it.How pathetic.

Are we Really Suppose To Believe Obama?

He says in a speech today that we will not let Iran have nuclear weapons.Come on now,are we suppose to really think Iran has nuclear capability?Thats too funny.Reminds  me of how Bush said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Give The Replacement NFL Refs A Break

Give them time,they have never done real games til this year.They remind me of Obama.Totally unqualified for the job.Look at how many blown calls Obama has made.

Condoleeza Rice has answers

MSNBC just had her on the Andrea Mitchell show. She's now teaching in a university since changing from government work. She explains that America is dividing into two groups, those with sufficient education to work at good jobs and they who can't -...

Columbus Was Proably A Republican

I wonder if he had as much trouble convincing people he was right as Romney does.They thought the world was flat back then and don't believe we are flat broke now.

A little consistency of message please

Back the first campaign in speaking about middleclass small town people our President said " "And it's not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or...