What Trump Has Done so far

Trump hasn't been sworn in and look at the good things that are happening because of him winning the election. . 1. He has gotten rid of the Clinton dynasty. . 2. He has gotten rid of the Bush dynasty . 3. He has allowed the...

Daily Public Service Message (cont'd)

It seems that the alt-left infection here is starting to die off, literally!   For these last few days the communist nobody who has been infecting this blog since Trump won the election seems to be alone now and posting much less... :)


Ohio State University (OSU) Liberals pissed - Bad dude had no gun, not white, not republican, not NRA member, not Trump voter but rather a crazy muslim immigrant! :)

More sick minded anti-Trump lunatics!

A North Park University student fabricated a story where she claimed that President-Elect Donald Trump supporters had sent her “hateful” notes and emails following the 2016 Election, local police confirmed.   Taylor Volk, the Chicago college...