Americans Trust Trump Administration More Than The Lousy PC Mass Media

Only 39 percent call media “truthful” in Emerson College survey, compared to 49 percent for new White House



An Emerson College poll found that 49 percent of U.S. voters believe that the Trump administration is “truthful,” while only 39 percent feel that way about the news media. Worse, for the so-called “opposition party,” 53 percent of those surveyed described the media as “untruthful.”


The poll, released on Tuesday, also showed that Americans are divided on Trump’s performance so far — 48 percent of registered voters approve of the job that Trump is doing, compared to 47 percent who disapprove.


It a statistic that should not come as a surprise, the poll notes that 89 percent of Republicans approve of Trump, while 81 percent of Democrats disapprove. According to the poll, Trump’s “failure to pass the 50 percent threshold” for approval is because of his standing among independents, a group in which 52 percent disapprove.


Trump and his surrogates have been combative with the media, often referring to CNN as “fake news,” and bashing the industry in general, labeling it the “opposition party.”


The partisan divide is clear throughout the poll’s findings, with 89 percent of Republicans calling the Trump administration truthful, while 77 percent of Democrats find the administration untruthful.


Conversely, 69 percent of Democrats find the news media truthful, while 91 percent of Republicans consider them untruthful. Independents split the difference — 42 percent call the Trump administration untruthful and 45 percent say and the news media is.


The nationwide Emerson College poll, conducted February 5-6, also found that only 39 percent have a favorable view of Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway.

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Comments (9)

  1. wirelessguru1

    So even with today’s huge division between parties, the lousy PC mass is still less credible than Trump. LOL!!!
    No wonder they are fucked.

    February 09, 2017
  2. wirelessguru1

    February 09, 2017
  3. Munkyman

    Notice the idea of truthful has far more to do with what political narrative you find agreeable than any actual truth.

    February 09, 2017
    1. wirelessguru1

      ..indeed, indeed…

      February 09, 2017
  4. Brn2bfree
    I like the fact that CNN doesn’t like being called FAKE news. It’s a racial slur to them. LOL! They just love wearing out the race card.

    I like the way Trump calls them out every time as fake news. After a while it will be a well known thing. CNN=FAKE NEWS will go together like horse and carriage… like love and marriage.

    February 10, 2017
  5. stevehayes13

    It is incredible that thirty-nine percent of Americans think the corporate news media is “truthful.”

    February 10, 2017
    1. wirelessguru1

      That means 39% of Americans were brainwashed very well…

      February 10, 2017
  6. wirelessguru1

    February 10, 2017
  7. wirelessguru1

    February 11, 2017