I Have No Problem With Immigration

I have no problem with immigration.As along as each one we let in ,we have to deport one Liberal in their place.Or,the immigrant must  be placed in a Liberal home.The deportation of millions of Liberals would truly make America great again.

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Comments (7)

  1. stevehayes13

    I thought the liberals were going to deport themselves if Trump won. When is that going to happen?

    March 20, 2017
    1. willwright

      They lied. Like usual.

      March 20, 2017
      1. honestycounts

        I’m still waiting for ugly ass Whoopi and Botox Cher to fucking leave like they threatened

        March 20, 2017
  2. EyeVey

    Typical of liberal- anyone who doesn’t fall in lockstep behind their warped sense of entitlement is a bigot. Thank God the Constitution and the Founding Fathers have taken care of their ilk.

    March 20, 2017
    1. wirelessguru1

      You are welcome.

      March 20, 2017
  3. wirelessguru1

    No, you are!
    Also, what kind of a little freak are you anyway and what HELL hole did you crawl from!?

    March 20, 2017