Sarah Sanders

Sarah is doing a much better job than Sean handling those MSM bastards at the WH presser... :)

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  1. wirelessguru1

    Today’s WH Presser was a prime example of that…

    August 01, 2017
  2. wirelessguru1

    White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasted the mainstream media (MSM) during a press conference on Tuesday, pushing back against the press’s “misleading” headlines and “obsession” with Russia-Trump conspiracy theories.

    August 01, 2017
  3. wirelessguru1

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Trump White House Misleading The Public
    Briefing, 1st Aug 2017:

    “The only thing misleading is the years worth of stories fuelling the false narrative of Russian Collusion”

    “Wanna talk about Russia? Look at The Clintons!”

    August 01, 2017
  4. wirelessguru1

    Sanders: Press is ignoring collusion by DNC, Clintons

    August 01, 2017
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